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Community Based Sustainable Fishing Education Project (SA)sustainable fishing project

Download the Sustainble Fishing Education Project Broshure as a Pdf. Here

Practical ways to increase recreational fishing sustainability. Delivered by fishers, to fishers.

Fishers acting to ensure a sustainable future for Australian recreational fishing.
In South Australia around a quarter of the population participate in recreational fishing - that’s well over 300,000 reasons to make sure our fishing is sustainable for the future.

In order to address the issue of conservation education for recreational fishers, Fishers For Conservation Inc. (FFC) have developed an education package written by fishers, for fishers and to be delivered directly to the fishing community face to face by volunteer fishers.

What exactly is the education project going to achieve?

Materials developed as part of this project are delivered to fishers on location at South Australian jetties, beaches and boat ramps.
Materials are also be available in tackle shops, caravan parks, online and many other locations.

The project is currently South Australian based, however the information developed has national relevance and FFC is seeking funding oppertunities to take the project to a national audience.

Information Sheets

As part of this project FFC have produced a series of 6 Information Sheets to help fishers take practical and easy steps to increase fishing sustainability. Info sheets will focus on:

1. Conserving Your Catch (Download Info Sheet or Go To Further Reading Page) barbless hooks

2. Why Should We Sometimes Let the Big Ones Go? (Download Info Sheet or Go To Further Reading Page)

3. Recreational Fishing and Marine Mammals (Download Info Sheet or Go To Further Reading Page)

4. Protecting Fish Habitat (Download Info Sheet or Go To Further Reading Page)

5. Marine Parks and Recreational Fishing (Download Info Sheet or Go To Further Reading Page)

6. Destructive Fishing Practices and Recreational Fishing (Download Info Sheet or Go To Further Reading Page)

What do the information packs contain?

Brochure• Six FFC information sheets •KESAB Clean Marine informationPIRSA Receational Fishing Guide• Recreational Fishing Code of Practice (note this is currently under review) •Reef Watch‘Feral or in Peril’ brochure

Survey of attitudes to marine conservation:

To increase our knowledge base, FFC has designed a survey for recreational fishers to have their say. To access the survey please take the time to visit:

Click Here to take survey

How can I help?

There are plenty of ways to get involved with this education project or other FFC activities and to share sustainable fishing information with your friends and family.
Join Fishers For Conservation
Joining our national community group is easy and free. Head to join or contact us to become part of our fast growing community group.
Volunteer to assist the Community Based Sustainable Fishing Project
There are still opportunities to help with the delivery of project information to fishers at your local beaches, jetties or boat ramps. We will provide you with all the help you need to be a part of a fun group giving something back to the fishing community.
Volunteering with FFC is easy, flexible, family friendly and fun. Contact us today and do something good for yourself and for the future of fishing.


This education project has been made possible by Federal Government funding as part of the Recreational Fishing Community Grants Programme.


FFC would also like to thank the following organisations and Individuals for thier contributions to the project:

KESAB Clean Marine program

PIRSA FishWatch program

Australian Recreational and Sport Fishing Industry Confederation Inc (Recfish Australia)

Reef Watch

Patricia Payne

Cassie Price

Matt Osbourne

Kate Coates