Causes of hair breakage

Causes of hair breakage

Brushing your hair is important but is it worth to cause breakage in your hair? If you are not careful when brushing your hair you soon might find out that you are doing more harm than good. Always be gentle with your hair with a correct comb. Try to use combs that do not have tight teeth. Wet hair is always more vulnerable than dry hair, do not brush your hair as soon as you step out of the shower. Dry it with a towel and wait an additional 10-15 minutes.


When combing use special sprays or oil to add extra strengths to your hair. And even if you are using hair extensions, you still need to take care of it, as the hair extensions will also need your attention when it comes to hair breakage. There are a lot of hair extension experts in Sydney, don’t forget to ask them about the best way to take care of your hair.


It is understandable why everyone loves ponytails so much, they are cute, simple and a quick way of getting your out of the way. However, once a habit, ponytails are proven to damage your hair. Constant pressure on a certain point of your hair will weaken it over time and cause breakage along with split ends. The solution is reducing the number of ponytails and being gentle with them. Do not pull your hair out of anger when it is not coming together and do not make buns when your hair is dripping wet or damp.

Talking about dripping wet hair, do not blow dry your hair when it is too wet. This too damages your hair, use the hairdryer on low power after you dry your hair with a towel.Towel drying itself can be hair damaging if you go hard with it. Be gentle while you use the towel to dry your hair to avoid tangles. If you are coloring your hair on a regular basis you probably already know how hard and annoying it is. Well, on top of that it is also bad for your hair because of constant chemicals on your hair.

Lack of moisture is another cause of hair breakage. Your shampoo and conditioner choice must be based on how good they can keep your hair moisture.Many brands claim this feature but only a handful of them deliver their promises. Make your research before buying them to save money. Avocado and organic oil mixes are really good in this matter with additional shining.

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Some people might misunderstand the meaning of dry hair and try to wash their hair as much as possible to keep its moisture but this wrong. Moisture means the natural oils of your scalp and hair. Washing your hair very often will cleanse all the required natural oil and minerals from your hair and you will be left with dry hair. Experts’ advice is if you have naturally dry hair, you can use shampoos and other products to achieve some moisture. However, if your hair is OK and doesn’t need extra moisture, you need to cut down your shampoo use to about 3 times a week.

If you already have damaged hair, it is best to go to a reputable hair salon and get their experts’ suggestions. Sydney has a lot of top quality hair salons with experienced staff who can happily work with you towards a beautiful and strong hair.

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