Make it easier when you are moving offices

Make it easier when you are moving offices

Sydney is an active city with tens of thousands businesses running day and night. To run a successful business you need an office and the office you have might not be the suitable one for you anymore due to the growth of your business and you need a bigger place or on the contrary, a smaller office to cut down the costs. In any situation, you will need to move to a new place.


Moving offices is not as easy as it sounds and you will most definitely have to hire a removalist company to do it for you.  There won’t be a huge price difference considering you would have to hire a truck anyways and taking into account the hassle, the extra buck you are paying the removalists is more than worth.

Now about your new office, how do you find a place that is better than the current one? By analyzing the issues you were having with your office and what made you leave. Location is very important, think of your employees, is the new location suitable for everyone? If you can’t say yes to that question think about it twice, you don’t want to lose any of your workers. The location should also be accessible quite easily if you are occasionally having clients in-house. It is also an advantage to have shops and cafes around your office to make it easier for lunchtime.


Before ordering the removalists to pack, make sure your office equipment (computers, desks, seats and etc) are cleaned. Cleaning your stuff at the new place is not a good idea since all the dust and dirt will jump around in your new office. Besides that, you would have done the removalist company a favor, even if it is their jobs, everyone would prefer handling cleaner objects.

Choosing the correct removalists is also very important. Office equipment isn’t cheap and what is worse than having few things broken or damaged while being moved by someone else? It is continually overwhelming when you are first searching for a removalist company, endless quotes are given to customers to convince them. More often than not the quote will have the cost only, however, is the value the main thing that should matter when deciding on a removalist? It is certainly not. Removalist companies are in strong competition and they will say pretty much anything to convince you but not everything they say will be kept as a word. There are hundreds of removalists in Sydney alone and you should make your decision very wisely. Start with asking for guarantees and not just verbally but written and signed guarantees. Many places will say they have got you covered but that only includes while your stuff is on the move from point A to B. That doesn’t cover if they break something when loading or unloading.

Here is a video on how to pack things: 

Another important factor for a good removalist company is to have fully equipped trucks and staff. Special lifting and loading tools, blankets for covering fragile objects and etc. Availability is another concern. Removalists do not like saying no to customers and they might say they are available at the given hour and show up 2 hours late. Before you make a deal make sure they understand when the job starts.

Finding the correct removalist company is as important as finding any other professional service because it will make your moving process easier


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