Plumbing Industry in Sydney! How important it is?

Plumbing Industry in Sydney! How important it is?

Sydney is the capital of the state of New South Wales and has the highest population in Australia. Sprawling over an area of 12,400 square kilometers, the 200 plus-year-old city ranks among the top ten cities in the world providing quality living to its five million population. Being a top-ranking manufacturing and tourism hub, forty percent of the residents are not native English.

The plumbing industry plays a crucial part in ensuring high-quality living standards of Sydney where about 50% of inner floor area is occupied by business and 25% is residential. The $13 billion industry, made of a large number of small contracting firms employing 20 or fewer people, is well regulated. It is highly reputed for its wide range of quality services and technology adoption. The plumbing needs range from the repairing of a leaking tap to a full-scale layout complete with design, piping, and testing for a flat, office building or production workshop. The clientele includes private property owners and managers of hotels, office buildings, facilities & utilities as well as strata management administrators as this is most important ever to a number of people who are well known.

The repairs and new installation plumbing covers the kitchen, laundry and bath facilities, water management (filtration systems including cartridge and reverse osmosis, taps, and fixtures), appliances like dishwashers, fridges and water dispensers, leaking taps & toilet cisterns, and related activities.

Using “green plumbing” service line, the plumbing requirements can be met in a sustainable way to upgrade existing setups as well as build ab initio. Being a harbor city, Sydney faces rains and storms affecting buildings as well as its waterways. The plumbing industry offers a variety of services related to water saving and recycling through greywater installations, rainwater and stormwater treatment.

Most of the time, the job has to be completed on an emergency basis keeping in mind the sanitary as well as aesthetic parameters. Using mobile service units, the plumbing industry ensures 24 x 7 services to the different parts of the city.In general, the service agencies, as well as their staff, have suitable insurance coverage. The customer can pay per job or opt for regular maintenance contracts.

The membership of Master Plumbers Association, acceptance of major credit cards and meeting OH&S standards are some of the factors that enhance the customer confidence in the plumbing services. There are special courses and apprenticeship training for the workforce. The regular inspections, issuance of Certificates of Compliance (CoC), Notice of Work (NoW) for workers, the audit by Fair Trading’s Plumbing Inspection and Assurance Service (PIAS), etc., are some of the quality assurance measures to ensure safe and secure plumbing.

From MPA and other websites, customers can locate plumbers online, in their vicinity or for specific needs. The agencies also help to identify and make use of sources of public and government grants for sustainable plumbing works, legal compliance, and other relevant systems.

Indeed, the Sydney plumbing services, with its commitment quality and support from the surrounding manufacturing industry offers cost-effective solutions to its customers.

As a side note, electrician industry is also a huge scene in Sydney and other major cities with thousands of people looking for reliable and skilled electricians all the time.

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