How to form a Regional FFC chapter

Fishers For Conservation strives to be relevant to all environmentally minded fishers wherever they are. As the organisation grows we encourage the formation of Regional Chapters of the organisation to allow members to engage in local actions, inform the wider membership and to target education to regions where these chapters are formed.

Start a Regional Chapter now and let your local group grow along with the rest of the organisation. Be part of the building groundswell of fishers who care for the aquatic environment and are prepared to stand up and help make a positive difference to environment conservation.

The FFC provides plenty of support to help you along the way to achieving conservation outcomes and educating yourselves and other fishers in your local area.

We can offer the following assistance to anyone interested in forming a Regional Chapter:

  • Access to all FFC educational materials as they are developed.
  • Web page(s) on devoted to your regional chapter and local issues.
  • Support with publishing your material on the web site and developing informative locally relevant resources.
  • Members support and skills including research skills and access to aquatic scientists and experienced Natural Resource Managers who can help you with your local education and conservation goals/programs.
  • Advice and expertise in developing local projects and accessing financial support to make them happen.
  • We will guide you through the process of establishing your group and provide ongoing collaborative assistance.
  • Regional Chapters will be able to elect or appoint at least one (depending on group size) representative to represent them on the FFC steering committee, joining the general elected steering committee members.
  • Educate and inform via your very own state or regional page
  • We will put you in touch with FFC members and other people from your region who may be of assistance and who may not yet be aware of the Regional Chapter.

You decide what it the best way to run your regional chapter!!

The FFC understands that different groups will need to be run in different ways - for example a group that is geographically spread may meet less regularly than one based in a single town/city. Small groups may wish to structure the organisation of the regional chapter and appoint specific roles/responsibilities according to the capacity, size and wishes of the group. Fishers For Conservation allows you the freedom to structure your Regional Chapter in the way that suits you best

Your Regional Chapter may represent your local community (e.g. a small town, a larger geographic (or other) region, your city, state or even country - you decide. Members are free to participate in as many regional chapters as appropriate (for example a member of a small community may be part of a FFC Chapter representing their area as well as a Chapter representing their state or territory as a whole.

The FFC will provide you with advice and assistance to decide exactly what is the best way to establish and run your Regional Chapter.

Forming a Regional Chapter of Fishers For Conservation carries the following responsibilities:

  • To uphold the objects of the association and to follow the general policies and direction of the FFC Committee.
  • To not act in a manner that may bring the organisation into disrepute.
  • To secure approval from the FFC committee. (via the Secretary) for any publications, public statements, media releases or other public communications that are made on behalf of or representing Fishers For Conservation. The committee undertakes to provide this approval in a timely manner.
  • Any other restrictions that the Committee may deem necessary as decided in consultation with the Regional Chapter

So if you are interested in helping to create a FFC Regional Chapter send us an Email now and find out more.